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vel l'atelier

The dress of the good news


The atelier of love


The atelier of happiness


The dress of your dreams



Imagining the dress that best shows a moment of joy, of celebration, drawing it, choosing the most suitable fabric, customize your own details… The job of Vel l’Atelier is to adapt natural silk, crepe, lace, satin and organza in the body of the woman who celebrates, who celebrates love, the joy of good news, news that fulfill life and make you want to share.


Manually, the stitches keep weaving the clothing that will dress the moments of glory, on the whole festival, stars at the party and invited to enjoy it, the originality of Vel l’Atelier with its works will make each of them unique. The dress of a very special day takes shape in the hands of Maria, Miriam and Eli under the direction and watchful eye of Maite. In wait of each new trend, sewing, design and exclusivity, they will be altogether an experience never to forget.


Maite’s workshop, on 33, Sant Miquel St, opened one morning in 1998. From the very beginning, it was born with the aim of dressing the bride’s happiness, studying every detail that can make her feel very special, not only the star of the wedding, but also each of the guests to the party. Together with other types of celebrations like coming-outs, communions or christenings, Vel l’Atelier has a world of exclusivity for all of them.


Maite’s experience for years in the world of bridal fashion has taken her to know the best techniques and materials, the quality that will make this dress of happiness perfect on such a special day. With fine fabrics with lace, embroidery, etc... and the time the girl, wife, mother, sister or bridesmaid needs to find the clothing and cut that suits her best and make her feel at ease and very special, Maite devotes her five senses, plus a sixth magical one that adds a touch of sublime delicacy. In the hands of Vel l’Atelier, the art of sewing is the magic of knowing how to dress a unique experience.


Carme Escales, journalist

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